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TV Helicopters On Full Pot Bellied Pig Alert

Who says that journalists don’t have the resources to cover important stories. Last night and again this morning the sky around our Kennesaw State University campus had one, sometimes two helicopters hovering in the sky. I thought it was a big crime or a wreck. But no it was a loose pot bellied pig. I kid you not. This is NOT an Onion story.

Here was our campus alert:

KSU Alert – This message is to notify the K S U campus community of the ongoing animal control search for a pig near I-75, which has gained the attention of several news media outlets. There is no current emergency on the KSU campus. Again, there is currently no emergency situation on the KSU campus. Thank you.

Here is our local Fox affiliate:

VIDEO: Pot Bellied Pig Loose Near I-75:

Please believe me, this is not the kind of journalism our Center for Sustainable Journalism is trying to save.

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