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Book Reviewers Wanted

There are couple of recently published books dealing with public journalism, one by Lew Friedland: Public Journalism: Past and Future (Kettering Foundation Press: 2003); and the other by David K. Perry: Roots of Civic Journalism: Darwin, Dewey, and Mead (Rowman and Littlefield Pub Inc: 2003) that should be reviewed here.

If you have the credentials and know something about public journalism, journalism in general or civic engagement and would like to review books for us, please let me know and I will put you on a list as a possible reviewer.

Also if you have written a book which you would like reviewed and think this is the appropriate place or if you know of a book that you think should be reviewed here, contact me, and if it fits our mission, we will try to get it reviewed.

One Response to “Book Reviewers Wanted”

  1. Hosbayar Says:

    i need books on civic journalism.