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Bloggers and Tsunami: But Is It Journalism?

So the New York Times runs a story about the tsunami and bloggers and, of course, must ask: But Is It Journalism?

The answer from Xeni Jardin, one of the four co-editors of, is:

…people online often argued about whether blogs would replace mainstream media. The question is as meaningless, she said, as asking “will farmers’ markets replace restaurants?”

“One is a place for rich raw materials,” she continued. “One represents a different stage of the process.”

Blogging from the tsunami, she said, is “more raw and immediate,” but the postings still lack the level of trust that has been earned by more established media. “There is no ombudsman for the blogosphere,” she said. “One will not replace the other, but I think the two together are good for each other.”

One interesting thing in the New York Times piece. It actually has links to the tsunami blogger sites. Here are BoingBoing’s connections.

One Response to “Bloggers and Tsunami: But Is It Journalism?”

  1. mattjduffy Says:

    That’s the best description of blogs I’ve read yet.

    But never before has this raw information been available to so many people. Nor has this raw information been supplied by so many. Blogs will change our business fundamentally.