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Civic Journalism in Kyrgyzstan, Why It’s Needed

Yulia Savchenko, a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow underwritten by the National Endowment for Democracy, writes about the need for civic journalism in place like her home country of Kyrgyzstan.

In part in Democracy@Large she writes:

Promoting the ideals of civic journalism is crucially important for the political and social future of Kyrgyzstan, or any other newly democratic country that is delicately balanced between increased democratization and totalitarianism. While the prevailing model of journalism advocates the objective reporting of facts perceived to
be true, civic journalism supports explicit efforts to promote democratic reform and encourage social action. Because civic
journalism promotes a broad democratic dialogue among ordinary people, it helps citizens develop an understanding of the
contradictions of modern democratic development in post-communist Central Asia and gives them the tools to propose alternatives.

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