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True Believers Draw Most Attention from the Press

In an earlier post I referred to the letter exchange between Jeff Jarvis and New York Times executive editor Bill Keller and printed excerpts from it.

Below is a comment that was posted on my site by Andrew Cline of the blog Rhetorica Network; I thought it deserves a top billing:

Keller wrote:

“True believers, whatever their persuasion, tend to start with the answer and therefore they don’t have to THINK about the question. They have moral clarity, often achieved without the benefit of information or reflection.”

Cline in his comment wrote:

This is certainly a reasonable observation regarding certain bloggers. The problem, however, isn’t so much that the blogosphere is filled with true believers as it is that the true believers draw the most attention from the news media and blog readers.

Depth, complexity, nuance, and compromise can be found in the blogosphere. One merely has to be willing to read beyond the limited set of famous bloggers the news media so often promote.

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