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My First Vlog: Ode to Spring & Exciting Possibilities

Hey this is exciting. My first video blog, Vlog, Vblog or whatever you want to call it.

I have been a journalist, but never have made video or TV. And I don’t know a thing about technology. But I was able to produce fairly technologically sophisticated stuff, if not, sophisticated in content, style and design. Still I am feeling okay about this. What it does tell me is anyone with a PC can make Internet TV.

It takes a while to load. I will give more information about how it was made later this week. It’s a little tribute to Marietta, Georgia.
Marietta Flower Walk2-26-050011.JPG
Click here to see the video at

One Response to “My First Vlog: Ode to Spring & Exciting Possibilities”

  1. Brendan Watson Says:

    Kind of basic, but the editing was really quite good and it was a nice mix of video, stills and sounds. Good luck with your expiriment, and yes, I would love to know more about how you put it together, as I have also been thinking about getting into video blogging.