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Vlog Experiment #2: Ode to New Hamsphire Winter

I am back with my second Vlog. This one is an Ode to a New Hampshire Winter.

As with the my first one an Ode to Spring in Marietta, Georgia, it was exclusively shot with my Canon Powershot SD100, which is a tiny, 3.2 mega pixel, still camera with capabilities to do short movies. I shot the skiing sequence with the camera’s short movie capability.

Any how, enjoy. Let me know what you think. Of course, I am enjoying doing this.
NH Winter3-7-050052.JPG
A self-portrait.

Click here to watch the Vlog. (People with MACs probably will have to download Windows Media to view it.)

3 Responses to “Vlog Experiment #2: Ode to New Hamsphire Winter”

  1. GB Says:

    Len-Very nice shots-you captured the flavor very well. I’d like to learn some more about Vlogs.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:


    I wrote some information on my Vlogs here.

  3. PJNet Today Says:

    Vlogs Set to Rocket into Financial Boom Times

    Jeff Jarvis figures that the daily vlog Rocketboom, which costs $20 a day to produce, could be worth more than $2 million a year in advertising. TiVo has brought it on board and TV viewers can download it just as…