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Romenesko Power and How Trust Brings Readers

When Romenesko pointed his readers to my IM Interview with Philip Meyer yesterday, I was reminded of Meyer referring to Romenesko’s power in The Vanishing Newspaper. Meyer wrote:

If the new media barons of the future make large investments in creating trusted editorial products that will attract and influence citizens and buyers, newspapers will be in trouble, but society will be served.

As an example, he tells how the Poynter Institute hired Romenesko to join the PoynterOnline site. He writes that before Romenesko came aboard Poynter had about 10,000 page views per day. By 2003 Meyer writes, it was up to 160,000 a day spiking to 250,000.

Meyer continues that when he needed information on a hot journalism topic:

I could have used Google, but it was much more efficient to go straight to the Poynter site and get, in addition to Romenesko’s roundup, the full array of Poynter faculty, contributors, and editors who had something to say on the subject.

I was not alone. By 2002, PoynterOnline was the trade publication most read by journalists, beating both the slick-paper publications, American Journalism Review and Columbia Journalism Review.

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