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Blog I Gave Up on It

I tried to upload a fun little Vlog I shot at a friend’s baby shower to the new site But even though it said the Vlog got posted, I don’t think it did. So who is to blame? Me or

Here is the dilemma. I am a techno klutz. So when I go to those new sites I do so with optimism which can quickly turn to frustration as things don’t work out. Is it me or them?

Of course, if we want a true home for citizen media, it has to be incredibly user friendly.

Now I wanted it to work. I like the idea, and it is a place to put up big files. I like the people associated with it. But after plugging away for an hour, I have abandoned ship.

I noticed I am not alone. Here is another message on the board:

Submitted by jwenz on March 27, 2005 – 7:13am.

I have now tried to upload media three times. I even created a new account. I keep gettting an message saying my username and password are incorrect and that I can’t post.
Any help out there.


Maybe the problem will be resolved after the Easter Holiday. I tried to upload my stuff about seven hours before Jim did.

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