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Spokane Paper to Webcast News Meetings

This by Ken Sands, long-time civic journalist at the Spokane Spokesman-Review:

we’re also ordering webcasting equipment so that we can webcast our morning and afternoon news meetings. The plan is to post our potential story lineup on the web, and encourage readers to interact with us, in real time, about the choices we are making about the next day’s print edition. This is not meant to adbicate our decision-making to the readers, but to include them in the conversation. This is part of our attempt to create an atmosphere in which news truly is a conversation.

They are also:

recruiting a few local readers to write a “citizens ombusdman” blog for us, which would allow for unfiltered criticism of us on our own pages. We’re not quite sure how or whether this will work.

Sands will be making occasional posts like the one above at Morph, the blog of the Media Center at the American Press Institute.

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