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A Mobile Market Content, Service Provider Divide

Panel at the Go Mobile or Go Home Conference

If you are the Turner Cartoon Network and you want to get your product into the mobile market, you are confronted with the problem of how to deal with 300 different delivery devices. If you are Cingular, a service provider, you are trying to figure out how to deal with all the content providers coming to you with product. It’s a dilemma for both sides.

John Paris from CNN, Justin Williams from the Cartoon Network and Rick Carlson from Cingular discussed the dilemma at the Go Mobile or Go Home conference Saturday at University of Georgia.

They agreed they are in the middle of a new and emerging market, which no one has figured out. The analogy was made to the early computer years when experts were predicting that computers would be good for balancing checkbooks and keeping recipes. Eventually, the audienced dictated what they wanted.

Carlson said the mobile market is a new and rapidly growing environment. Some are ahead, some are behind. No one is right in the middle.

Williams said there are three relevant factors that help determine what content is best suited to mobile markets: 1) the person 2) the location in terms of privacy and boundaries 3)time.

An example, that fits all three. A person is in a doctor’s office. He is not sure if the wait is one minute or 30 minutes. Needs something to do, so he turns to the cellphone for content to fill the time.

Another example, you are sitting in your car. You have a minute to decide how to beat a traffic jam before you are caught in it for the long haul. Check into the mobile device for traffic update specifically for your location.

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