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Vlogs: Having Fun While Making News or Gifts

I have been experimenting with my little Canon Powershot SD100 digital camera to do Vlogs mostly as video gifts. But I have been thinking of turning more to news, but that will come later.

My latest is a Vlog of my niece’s wedding shot this past weekend in Gaffney, South Carolina. I composed the whole thing on my laptop in about a three-hour ride back to Atlanta, while my son was driving.

Then yesterday I had a revelation. Recently I went to BlogNashville. Afterwards I saw a Vlog of it by Glenn Reynolds. His vlog has more of a newsy feel to it. I kept wondering just what kind of equipment he was using, then I found out here, where he writes about it:

There are a lot of videobloggers now, and …There was a crew of documentary filmmakers making a movie on blogging, but they were outnumbered several-to-one by amateurs capturing video for live streams or for posting. Many, many bloggers are incorporating video interviews and reporting into their work, and I think that within a year or so we’ll see videobloggers beginning to compete with television news operations — especially local television news operations — in quite a few places.

I’ve pointed that out before, but we definitely seem to be at a tipping point. To illustrate how close we are, I did some interviews of my own, using the video function of my Sony digital still camera. (640×480, 30 fps). It’s not television-news quality, but it was done on the fly with a camera that cost $300 and fits easily in a pocket.

Tools like this are the future. If I ran a newspaper, I’d give one to each of my reporters, and encourage them — in the most meaningful way possible, with bonuses — to conduct video interviews and reports that could run on the paper’s website…

Reynolds’ camera with its short video capabilities is similar to what I was using. He was just smart enough to stop people for a couple of seconds and have them talk into the camera. If I added a few of those elements to my Vlogs, of course, I would have instant news.

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