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The New York Times Blog Like Thing

This from the site:

In an interview with publisher Jonathan Dube, Editor in Chief Len Apcar discusses the site’s new blog-like political feature, Times on the Trail.

Okay it is not really a blog, at least according to Apcar. However, what’s interesting is that Apcar says:

I’ve looked at this kind of page as a possible template for other areas of common interest. In other words, you could take this page and build a page for Opera buffs. You could do it for theater. You could do it for any number of special interests.

This plays into Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis’s idea of obsessions. Bowman said in our interview: “Obsession begets conversation. Big media just need to listen and join in and collaborate.”

Apcar is listed as an attendee at the MediaMorphosis leadership retreat in March. I’ll be there too and will look to report back any updates in his thoughts.

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