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Latin American Public Journalism Blog Started

Eric Samson, a journalist and professor at La Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, launched a blog centered around public and citizen journalism in Latin America. The blog still needs a little fine tuning, but the information is there and Samson says he is dedicated to making it a vital resource for Latin America and for anyone anywhere interested in citizen and public journalism.

The blog is an outgrowth of a civic journalism workshop I gave recently in Quito. Now Samson, the workshop’s host, and I want to keep the momentum going.

Samson, who is pictured here, writes:

After the huge success of the five-day workshop organized by the University San Francisco de Quito and the Foreign Press Association (web page in construction), the 16 participants have taken the first step in promoting a citizen agenda in Ecuadorian public life through the philosophy of Public Journalism.

To engage in debate around the little known and therefore less practiced “Public Journalism”, we have created a new Spanish blog named “Periodismo Público América Latina” (Public Journalism Latin America).

Meanwhile, and as already said by Leonard in a recent post, several news articles have been published around the subject, Leonard had three radio interviews while in Quito and two potential public journalism projects were developed by the workshop participants. One is dedicated to the street gang problem in the Solanda neighborhood of Quito and a more national one to boost public agenda during the 2006 presidential elections in Ecuador.

So the seed planted by Leonard is growing.

I might add that Samson is the person who really deserves the credit. He initiated the workshop idea, promoted it among the journalists, set up the interviews, took care of the logistics and now is keeping the momentum growing. If public journalism takes hold in Ecuador, he must get the full credit for developing the initial steps.

3 Responses to “Latin American Public Journalism Blog Started”

  1. Christian Espinosa Says:

    Muchos saludos de un periodista ecuatoriano que hace bloggin desde hace un año persiguieno su aplicación entre alumnos y colegas.

    El periodismo ciudadano inspira blogs en Ecuador y en realidad estamos avanzando muy fuerte pues aquí se realizó recientemente una convención de Blogs en el 2005 con en la educación, en el periodismo, en la empresa, en la política.

    Al respecto, espero también con Cobertura Digital poder contribuir para hacer fuerza para que esta ola siga siempre para adelante.

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