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Blogging for Human Rights in Ecuador

Sometimes things are just meant to be. As is my introduction to you of Gustavo Pérez Ramírez, a human rights columnist for La Hora in Quito, Ecuador, and now, thanks to some interesting circumstances, a human rights blogger.

Recently I was in Ecuador giving public and citizen journalism workshops. My son was visiting and he and I dropped into a Internet cafe. He was thinking of going to a movie and by chance finds the La Hora film page. And just as he pulls up a film review in Spanish, Rick Segreda, the guy who wrote the review, passes behind him, and is just as amazed at this very weird coincidence as we are.

He has lived most of his life in the States, but now is in Ecuador with his mom and step father, Gustavo Pérez Ramírez. He invites us to dinner at his parents’ apartment, where I in my missionary zeal show Gustavo how to set up this own blog, which he does and the next day is blogging away for human rights.

So of course it is mandatory for me to tell the world of the important work Gustavo is doing and also to point you to Rick’s piece on Cronicas, a new Ecuadorian movie that is getting mostly very nice reviews here in the states. Oh, did I mention, Gustavo’s work is in Spanish, but Rick writes in English and Spanish and wants to capture the international Ecuadorian film niche on his website.

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