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J-Learning Offers Free Media Training for Citizens

Jan Schaffer’s J-Lab, New Voices launches J-Learning, to help citizens produce their own media. Here is an explanation at its website:

J-Learning is a companion to J-Lab’s New Voices project. It is designed to help individuals, civic groups and school groups jumpstart their own community media projects. It offers basic training in Web site creation, HTML, page design and use of photos, audio, video, animation, surveys and databases. It also offers tips on advertising, fundraising and e-commerce to help sustain these community efforts.

Some of its free online offerings include: Learning Basic HTML, Building in Interactivity, Using Databases, Tracking Users.

One Response to “J-Learning Offers Free Media Training for Citizens”

  1. Nep Says:

    Thanks for the link — we hope you like the J-Learning site.