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Citizen Journalism Happening in France Too

Eric Samson, a French news correspondent and professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, has been blogging regularly about public journalism at his Spanish language site Periodismo Público América Latina. I like the fact that I helped get him started. Anyway, he blogs about an article in the French Liberation that focuses on citizen journalism.

He writes in English to me:

French examples that you probably ignore and could be of interest of The French TV Tele Nantes (a city in the west of France), for instance, is distributing 3G cellular phones to its viewers to have available for citizen coverage, and Tele Grenoble (city
in the Alps) is creating a network of amateur cameramen, paid 20 t0 30 Euros per story package. The interested people have to own their camaras and be interested and involved in their community which brings us back to public journalism….

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