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100,000 citizen dining reviews at london-eating

The introductory paragraph at the online london-eating says:

Welcome to london-eating the definitive guide to restaurants in London. Only london-eating lets you deliver your personal verdicts with fresh updates every day. A restaurant overrated? Dish the dirt. A restaurant overlooked? Sing its praises. It’s your guide, just keep it clean!

The Guardian writes:

Since its launch in 2000, the site has grown to become the largest online restaurant guide in the UK, with more than 650,000 unique users visiting the site each month and more than 100,000 reviews, all submitted by ordinary diners (its sister site,, covers other UK cities such as Manchester, Edinburgh and Brighton, as well as foreign cities, but hosts far less reviews).

Here by the way is the introductory paragraph at Zagat:

Zagat Survey is the world’s leading provider of consumer survey–based dining, travel and leisure information, with more than 250,000 voters participating worldwide.

The difference is that it costs $19.95 a year for a subscription to its restuarant guide. Will it be another for-pay place that can’t compete with the open source movement?

Thanks to Smart Mobs for the london-eating pointer.

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