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Mainstream Media Proves Worth in New Orleans

LA Times columnist Tim Rutten points out that even if the political machinery, often the press’s harshest critic, failed the people of New Orleans, the mainstream media did not.

He writes:

Three years ago, New Orleans’ leading local newspaper, the Times-Picayune, National Public Radio’s signature nightly news program, “All Things Considered,” and the New York Times each methodically and compellingly reported that the very existence of south Louisiana’s leading city was at risk and hundreds of thousands of lives imperiled by exactly the sequence of events that occurred this week. All three news organizations also made clear that the danger was growing because of a series of public policy decisions and failure to allocate government funds to alleviate the danger.

Here is more on the same topic at the CJRDaily.

Plus Romenesko is busy linking related Katrina and the press stories.

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