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We Media vs. a Hot Pastrami on Rye

Here is my shot at doing a vlog from The Media Center’s We Media conference last week in New York.

My wife says it is unfocused. My mentor Griff Wigley in Northfield, Minnesota, says it is too sing songy. It’s not like professional TV. (Afterwards, Griff said he wasn’t saying I should not post it. Quite the contrary. My wife, on the other hand, said, “You posted it?” As in what’s wrong with you. )

So that’s the rub. I am an amateur. I am not a professional. So I post what I have. Of course, this is a problem with unedited media. I probably like it more than anyone else, and that goes against the grain of think of your audience first. Enough caveats. Here it is. With links below. Again it was shot almost exclusively with my little digital camera and edited on Serious Magic. But this is the first time I am using, which should make the video run instantly when you click on it. No more Audioblog costs $4.95 a month.

A Leonard Witt Video Log

Story Links:
We Media Conference, Carnegie Deli, Al Gore’s Speech, Current TV, Craig Newmark and Craigslist, Chris Willis,
Richard Sambrook of BBC

One Response to “We Media vs. a Hot Pastrami on Rye”

  1. G. Patton Hughes Says:

    I thought it was a fine report. I particularly liked the shot of 25% of your face next to Al Gore. The pastrami sandwich was also appealing.

    It was most definitely a personal view of the event. Given its likely point of display – this blog – it was on target. People come here to see what is going on in personal journalism and what better way than to do some personal journalism.

    Still, there was much to commend about the piece. The shot sequencing was rapid enough … each image lingered just long enough and the selection covered the gamut of what most folks would consider most important (food and famous people) from a personal perspective.

    The real question is whether it accomplished what, down deep in your gut you want to say … which was – “I was there, I had fun and don’t you wish you were there too!”

    If that was your point, it was winner of a piece that had me wishing I were there too.

    GP “Pat” Hughes