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San Francisco Chronicle, Help’s Just Across the Bay

I originally wanted to title this San Francisco Chronicle, It’s Just Across the Bay Stupid. Read this eye-opening brief to find out why:

Romenesko points us to the San Francisco Chronicle story that began with a reader complaining about the paper’s photo selection. An editorial assistant was asked to do an ethnicity inventory based on the photos used on section fronts for one month. The ombudsman Dick Rogers, after tallying the findings, writes:

“The results were eye-opening.”

As a result of the count:

Deputy Editor Narda Zacchino says the paper soon will undertake a yearlong look at what goes into every section, attempting to measure coverage in terms of race, gender, economic status, geography and age.

Obviously, given Zacchino’s race, gender, etc terminology, the paper is aware of the news fault lines as described by the Maynard Institute. Apparently the paper hasn’t used the Institute’s Reality Check Content Analysis Tools. or, at better yet, simply incorporated the Institute’s teaching into its everyday news gathering and production. Why not? Of course, that same question could be asked of most newspapers nationwide.

However, in the case of the San Francisco Chronicle the Maynard Institute is right across the bay in Oakland. For me and anyone interested in public journalism, the San Francisco Chronicle’s sudden revelation, with the Maynard Institute message being preached for years, is not just eye opening, it’s mind boggling.

I am sure management at the Chronicle doesn’t need this, but just in case:

Directions to the Maynard Institute

The Maynard Institute is conveniently located in the Oakland Tribune Tower one block from the 12th Street BART station between Broadway and Franklin Street in Oakland.

from San Francisco:
Take the I-80 East towards Bay Bridge / Oakland
Merge onto the I-580 East ramp towards Downtown Oakland (CA-24) / Hayward-Stockton
Merge onto the I-980 West ramp towards Downtown Oakland
Take the 18th St. exit towards 14th St.
Merge onto Brush St.
Turn left onto 17th St.
Turn right onto San Pablo Ave.
Turn slight right onto City Hall Plaza
Turn left onto 14th St. / International Dr.
Turn right onto Broadway
Turn left onto 13th St.

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