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Weblogs, Inc.: How to Improve Google Ad Income

Here is a Google AdSense Case Study entitled: Weblogs, Inc. grew blog ad revenue from $200 to $3000 a day

It is really a how to make money at your blog. Weblogs, Inc. is the operation that was sold to AOL for somewhere up to $25 million.

Yes the case study by Google is a self-serving, but it has good information for those who want to make a buck and blog too. Of course, the more you make with AdSense the more Google makes, so you have to believe it is good advice.

One of many tips from Jason McCabe Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc. :

be methodical about testing, experiment, and try one or two new things at a time: “Set goals for yourselves around traffic, number of ads shown, ads per page, number of clicks and as you optimize AdSense, the revenue will follow.”

Thanks to Steve Outing for the tip.

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