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Copy Editor As Peace Marcher Gets Suspended

If you were the editor, what would you do if a part-time copy editor attended the September peace march in Washington, D.C.? The St. Paul Pioneer Press suspended Tim Mahoney for three days and let him know that next time he would be fired.

Here is a part of a City Pages story:

He was suspended from work for three days without pay. In addition, Mahoney was informed that he would no longer be allowed to edit any stories about the invasion and occupation of Iraq. It was also made clear, in a letter written by senior editor Mike Bulger, that participation in any similar political activities would result in his termination.

The decision has left Mahoney and many of his Pioneer Press colleagues flummoxed. “There is an issue of conscience, of religion,” he says. “I’m not trying to put myself forth as any kind of pious person at all. I’m not. But it’s a matter of personal belief. It seemed to me–and still does–completely harmless to the interests of the Pioneer Press.”

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