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NYTimes Ombudsman Hears Public on Miller

The New York Times ombudsman has posted some comments he has been receiving from the public about the Judith Miller case. But in my mind, it is being done as if it were on paper 20 years ago. This is a digital age. It is a conversation. Get over the letter to the editor mentality and have a conversation. Get Miller, editor Bill Keller, and publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. involved. Make it interactive, engaging, thoughtful and, when need be, fast paced.

Have give and take, solicit comments, roundup the critics, be the discussion aggregator like Jay Rosen does, or did before his book writing sabbatical. Engage your audience, they respect you and don’t want you to fail. Listen to them, but not at arm’s length. Invite them and yourselves into 21st century publishing. Because if you don’t you will be sitting targets for the vitriolic voices that muster audiences, and can turn your audience against you.

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