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After Weblogs Inc: Find Out Worth of Your Blog

Business Opportunity Weblogs has a fun little mechanism you can play around with to find out what your blog is worth. It is based on the multi million dollar sale of Weblogs, Inc. and on calculations by Tristan Louis, who in part writes:

Many in the blogosphere say that traffic is not a good measure of what blogs are but that conversation, as represented by links and indexes like Technorati, represent a more accurate view of the value of a blog. As a result, I decided to look at how may sites were linking to sites in the WeblogInc empire. …Let’s dig into the numbers.

So what’s this blog worth? A paltry $41,211.42. And Business Opportunities Weblog: $137,747.76. And my link to it adds another $500 in value to that site, of at least that’s what the average link provides based on a $25 million sale of Weblogs Inc.

Thanks to Smart Mobs which is worth $581,476.20 for the pointer.

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