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Web Journalism Text: Elevating Public Journalism

This at MediaBlog about a new textbook by James Glen Stovall, Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium (Pearson Allyn & Bacon, 240 pg.) Stovall is a University of Alabama journalism professor.

See the public journalism connection from the MediaBlog excerpt:

“This new relationship will have profound effects on the way journalists gather information and make decisions. Readers are likely to become sources of information and lead journalists to new inquiries and stories. They could provide valuable perspective to journalists who are new to a story or not part of the community they cover (two of the major criticism of journalists today), offering points of view that journalists would not normally hear in talking with “official” sources about their stories. The public journalism movement (often called civic journalism), which seeks to involve the community in journalistic decision making, could be taken to a new level with the Web.”

”…web journalists will be looking for ways to build their audiences into communities of interested participants.”

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