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Blog Columnist Called Pundit for Hire

Another columnist has been taking money from interests about which he writes. This time it is science columnist Steven Milloy. According to a New Republic Online article entitled PUNDIT FOR HIRE:

Fox News has certainly known since last spring that money from ExxonMobil was going to Milloy’s home-based charities.

The article adds:

And it’s not just the ExxonMobil money. Milloy has a long history of taking payment from industries that have a stake in the science stories he writes. The ethical standards are clear. “Not disclosing this is wrong,” says Tom Rosenstiel, the director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. The real question, then, is why Fox News continues to employ Milloy. Or, in the words of James Hansen, a climate scientist and the head of nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, “The question is, ‘Why does a major news organization employ such a hack?’

Oh, by the way, he is another with “think-tank scholar”credentials. His are via the Cato Institute. This is not the first Cato “scholar”, who has made the news lately for taking special interest cash. The last was had a Jack Abramoff tie-in.

So how should news shows that feature Cato Institute scholars, introduce them in the future?

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