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Shame on Google, Hooray for Bloggers

Although I am a proud knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberal, I do read Glenn Reynolds before diving into the lefties, where I feel most at home. Anyhow, Reynolds pointed me to this blogger, who caught Google with its censorship trousers down.

Plus here is what Rebecca MacKinnon, talking about the Google censorship in China said in part on the News Hour on Wednesday:

…what is a great concern is every time another company goes and complies with censorship internally and agrees to have their own employees doing this kind of censorship, it institutionalizes censorship; it legitimizes it; it creates a business and management model for censorship within these types of Internet service companies that, you know, there is some concern that if they’re doing it for the Chinese market, might that also — might that model also increasingly be applied elsewhere?

And don’t think it could not happen here, look at this item, but bloggers are trying the best they can to demand transparency.

Here is Google’s response to the flap, and I am doing another post with more information.

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