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BBC Seen As Threat to Local UK Newspapers

This from England’s Press Gazette:

The BBC’s impact on regional and local newspapers is “frightening” and a “major concern,” according to media commentator Roy Greenslade.

…Greenslade said that the BBC’s investment in online journalism, with a department of more than 800 dedicated internet journalists, meant the broadcaster “is gradually in the process of creating electronic newspapers, offering free advertising to customers who normally use our newspapers.”

He added:

“it wasn’t too late to challenge it in the digital field. The former Daily Mirror editor’s speech focused on the digital revolution and the fact that publishers now needed a strategy to deal with it. “We have to convince everyone–the investing community, advertising community and most importantly, the reading community–that we have a strategy of some kind, that we’re doing all we possibly can to engage with all the huge changes brought by the net and digital technology,” he said. “None of us can deny that the only game in town now is multi-platform journalism combined with multi-platform advertising.”

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