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PJNet Conference Maps; Make Your Own Maps

In an earlier post I mentioned that I tried Platial, The People’s Atlas, but had some problems getting all the map sites to work here at PJNet. Well, the folks at Platial came to the rescue and fixed the map, and here it is. Nice of them. I am still not sure what went wrong, but they said I can email and they will help me. And I even got a nice email from the co-founder Di-Ann. Try to get that kind of service from you local phone company.

Anyhow sorry Di-Ann for my being so crabby the first time out and thanks for the help.

Here is what their website’s about page says in part:

The site is very young still, perhaps a bit premature for general use, but we hope that by putting it out there now, we can get early feedback to keep developing it into an intuitive, powerful, flexible and fun part of your lives.

I was not sure what to map so as an experiment I mapped where PJNet put on conferences. It doesn’t quite fit into their people’s atlas concept, which is for people to map out interesting places that others can then quickly find or add to on the map. I just wanted to make a map and here it is. And if I can do it, then so can anyone. Enjoy. Oh and if you have ideas for Platial, go their site and let them know. It is users that tell the good hackers how to improve their products.

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