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Archive for December, 2005

Public Square, Wikipedia and World’s Best Pizza

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Last week was all about grading papers and putting finishing touches on a grant I am helping write to teach Language Arts teachers how to blog. So I feel a bit behind on my blogging. Now I am on the road. Tomorrow though I hope to be posting original content– my IM Interview with [...]

Think Tanks Or Dens of Bought-Off Hacks?

Friday, December 16th, 2005

The other day ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin did a count of 380 think tank interviews at National Public Radio in 2005. That’s more than one a day.
Today we learn in a Business Week article that Jack Abramoff was paying off think tank members to write op-ed pieces favorable to his lobbying efforts. [...]

Free Master’s Degree in Community News Offered

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Chris Waddle, director of the Knight Community Journalism Fellow, wants everyone to know about an upcoming conference and the new Master’s in Community Journalism program that will be taught by University of Alabama professors at the Anniston Star in Anniston, Alabama.
Here is the good news:
The partners have covered the cost of tuition and [...]

Cartoonists Take Revenge on Tribune Company

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Want to see what happens when you get Editorial Cartoonists mad, then go to here . Here is what an Editor & Publisher story says in part:
A note on states: “‘Black Ink Monday,’ a nonviolent protest by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, is a response to the Tribune Company’s recent elimination of [...]

News Comparison: Give Away Tabs vs Broadsheets

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Here is the press release from a new study just released by The Project for Excellence in Journalism entitled: “Extra! Extra!”
The study found that readers of the new commuter tabloids will be more likely get a basic outline of the news about a broader range of topics during their subway ride to work than [...]