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Archive for August, 2007

Mashup: Mix Twitter, Digg and Reporters

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Over at Representative Journalism we are taking a brief accounting of who is trying to match reporters with reporters and reporters with audience via Digg, Twitter and a couple of newbies such as Publish2 and ReporTwitters; see the Representative Journalism post and comments for more information.

Help Celebrate Two Bloggy Birthdays

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

I just got a comment on the  Grayson Daughters’s Off the Bus blog from Amani Channel, whose MyUrbanReport blog recently had its first birthday. Channel probably has been the most active and talented and consist citizen/professional video blogger on the Internet and will be an Off the Bus reporter.  Of course, I especially like his video [...]

Off the Bus: Citizen Video Preview

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Grayson Daughters gives a real live demonstration of what Jay Rosen and Huffington Post’s  citizen journalism Off the Bus, can look like.

Fund Your Crowdsourcing with Crowdfunding

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

David Cohn points us to crowdfunding projects. See the Representative Journalism pages for more information.

Representative Journalism: Help Build a Concept

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

As you might have notice from the video on this page, I officially launched my Representative Journalism offshoot of the It’s an idea I hope has legs and can spread. I need ideas from the outside to help make it happen. I have made it easier to comment here and at the Representative Journalism [...]