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Reporter Wanted: Representative Journalism Trial Project

Things are moving forward for our Representative Journalism trial project in Northfield, Minnesota. First big news is a job opening. As you will see, it is a temporary, part-time gig, but could grow into something more permanent — but we can’t make any promises. Here is the job description, spread the word:

Northfield, Minnesota has been chosen to try a new concept called Representative Journalism.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial journalist with experience both as a reporter (daily, weekly, or monthly publication) and with the online world (e.g., blogging, message boards, discussion lists, etc.). A willingness to engage with citizens (online and F2F) before, during and after publication of a story is mandatory. Knowledge of Northfield is helpful but not required.

The journalist’s stories will appear on Locally Grown, a two-year old blog and podcast about Northfield civic issues, with a large participatory following of area citizens and community leaders. The journalist will report directly to one of the nation’s most respected editors with a long distinguished career in journalism. See this Locally Grown blog post for more information.

This trial project will last approximately four months, but if successful could develop into a long-term job. For now this is a half-time, temporary position.

Email a letter of interest, resume, clips and references to Leonard Witt, Our team will be in Northfield and the Twin Cities on March 14-16 to talk with potential job candidates, so a prompt reply will be appreciated.

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