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WGBH Does Story, Analysis on, Rep J Models

The Representative Journalism and crowdfunding models got the talking-head treatment at WGBH in Boston. It is interesting to be on the receiving end of one of these of discussions. In the end, I would say it was fair and balanced even though the moderator, who worried about the biases in crowdfunding, showed her own bias by starting the discussion by saying in a most condescending way, “Come on, it is a quaint idea.” See this section of the The Beat the Press show: A new journalism business model emerges.

One Response to “WGBH Does Story, Analysis on, Rep J Models”

  1. Digidave Says:

    I have to agree with you. I seemed to me the head moderator had it out for the idea from the beginning. Her opening words “some journalists are banking….” had the wrong tone if you ask me.

    I also love how she thinks she that reporting on the return of Hooverville’s will end up a certain way.


    What should the reporter do? Go out there and write a story about how it isn’t a big deal? Nothing to see here folks, move on!

    Still – it is cool to see this get some traction.

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