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Toronto Conference

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Exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism

August 3, 2004 — Toronto

Here is the final report on the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism conference held prior to the 2004 AEJMC Summer Convention in Toronto:

The cover page of the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism report

The report includes transcripts of remarks by such speakers as:

  • Anne P. Kothawala, president and CEO, Canadian Newspaper Association
  • Leonard Witt, Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication at Kennesaw State University
  • Dan Gillmor, former San Jose Mercury News technology columnist and author ofWe the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People
  • Warren Kinsella, a Toronto-based lawyer, consultant and author of Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics
  • Jay Rosen, chair of the New York University journalism department and a founder of the public journalism movement
  • Jan Schaffer, executive director of the J-Lab at the University of Maryland
  • Jeff Jarvis, president and creative director of
  • Lewis Friedland, a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Neil Heinen, editorial director, WISC TV, Wisconsin
  • Mary Lou Fulton, publisher of The Northwest Voice, in Bakersfield, Calif.

The special report was edited by Les Anderson, an associate professor of communication at Wichita State University, and Leonard Witt. The editorial assistant was Kelley Frank, a master’s student at Kennesaw State University.