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Journalism and FaceBook Linking People, Ideas

Pat Walters has an interesting article at Poynter online entitled: Facebook: What’s In It For Journalists? I especially like how he helped established a FaceBook page, Journalists and Facebook, and allowed anyone to provide editorial comments before the Poynter article was written. Also the story linked to good ideas from people like Jeff Jarvis who in an earlier post at BuzzMachine wrote:

Local is people. Our job is not to deliver content or a product. Our job is to help them make connections with information and each other…

I’m not suggesting that hyperlocal is just a social networking tool. Or just a forum. Or just a bunch of blogs. Or just a listings tool. Or just a search engine. Or just a news site. It needs to end up being all those things and more. And as I said the other day, this will not happen in one place, on one site, but will be distributed across wherever people are being people and communities communities, locally. The trick, once more, is to organize it all. Elegantly.

Also earlier at MediaShift, Mark Glaser, quoted Jay Rosen who said:

I see the 144 Facebook friends I have now as friends of my ideas, and possible participants in my various intellectual projects (schemes) by which I mean people who can help me improve them, in some cases develop them, perhaps at times spread them, and of course drop them when they are wrong turns…I am trying to figure out whether Facebook itself, properly used, can be a friend to my ideas.

In fact, Rosen’s has its own FaceBook page.

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