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Have Your Next Confence at a Comfort Inn

Tonight I am staying in a Fairfield Inn, a Mariott hotel. The wireless is totally free as it would be a the $89 a night Comfort Inn down the road. In a week, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is having its annual conference at the Renaissance Washington D.C. Hotel and the hotel is charging, get this, $300 for the first connection and $125 for each laptop wireless hook-up for the panel sessions, plus a mere $550 for the LCD projector — and that does not include installation charges. So if you have a panel discussion and want internet connectivity displayed you are talking about $1,000. It’s time for event organizers to a take stand. Here is the hotel’s price sheet so you get an idea of why I am steaming mad. By the way, the Renaissance is also a Marriott hotel. I’ll be expressing my displeasure. What about you?

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