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Columbia University: $75,000 to Write about Education

Editor & Publisher reports on Columbia University fellowship to enable long-form education oriented writing projects:

The fellowship will enable education writers to spend a year at Columbia developing a long-form reporting project that advances the understanding of the American education system,” a release on the fellowship stated. “Three fellows will be selected for the program,

The fellowship is open to professional educators, working journalists and “candidates with a passion for education writing,” the release stated. “It aims to provide writers with a break from the newsroom to delve into an important aspect of education reporting, and the research resources of a distinguished university.”…

Applications for the 2008-2009 academic year can be downloaded  from the school’s website…. The deadline is January 31, 2008. Fellows will be named by March 1, 2008. Recipients will receive a $75,000 stipend to cover fees and living expenses in New York.

Speaking of adding value to journalists’ work, see my Representative Journalism post today in which I address how too many journalists lack value and my recommendation on how to add value.

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