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Networked Journalism Conference Begins

reunion-nyc-jarvis-006.jpgI am at Jeff Jarvis’s Networked Journalism Conference in New York. I am listening, but really I am trying to sell the Representative Journalism idea and round up partners. ( I have already heard from one family foundation, to be announced in time, of interested in getting at least one Representative Journalist going. ) I am still aiming to enter the $5 million Knight News Challenge on Monday, which is the deadline day. Last chance to get your proposal in too. I will connect more to others’ blogs today and insert the occasional stuff.

2 Responses to “Networked Journalism Conference Begins”

  1. Grayson Says:

    Darn it all, Leonard. I was going to turn on the TV and relax, but then I read your blog here and got inspired to submit an application for the Knight News Challenge myself, for a community service media production idea I’ve been kicking around for a while now. Wish me/you luck!

    I caught part of a session from the conference today. Online. I really wish I was there in person, but I was able to drop by when I found out about the live online broadcast of the conference today — on Twitter.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Don’t despair Grayson, there is Converge South on Oct. 19 and 20, then coming in February SoCon08 at Kennesaw State University.