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Networked Journalism: Local pioneers, Making Money

First and second panels at the Networked Journalism.

Dan Pacheco of Northwest Voice; John Wilpers of BostonNow; Jarah Euston of Fresno Famous, Dan Barkin – News & Observer and as Oprah: David Cohn

Now moving on to the second panel onto Making Money:  How can we create interesting journalism and how can we pay for it.  Jeff Burkett of; Rick Waghorn of My Football Writer; Henry Copeland of BlogAds; Stephen Smyth of Reuters and as Oprah: Saul Hansell of Bits Blog at

Copeland: We have 1,500 bloggers. How many are making money. I would not say hundreds, but would say dozens. Now for a new blogger it might be a little late to get into the game.  

Waghorn: He uses pay for click that local people can bid for an ad. He has made little with Google Ads.

Audience member, Google brings in ads for him, but not as good as a local person doing the selling.

 Hansell: We are learning there is no place like home. Still have to go out and have lunch with a potential advertiser.

Audience member: Blog Nation is making money, taking the content and then reselling as a news syndicate might. The price of content might have value to certain people. Like getting content to people in hedge funds before the general public gets it.

Lots of talk about advertising as the revenue stream, but Jay Rosen points that advertising’s value is declining and relationship to  journalism is diverging. I agree and want to hear more about how to get journalism valuable by itself.

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