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NetJ: Gannett’s Story of Transformation

Jennifer Carroll of Gannett: We are in the middle of an incredible transformation.

 Kate Marymount of the Ft. Myers News-Press: Got FEMA’s 2.2 millions files after a hurricane. As soon as we got it, presented it to the public, tell us what stories you find in the FEMA database and let us know what the stories are. We got tips like our neighbor’s got money, but their house was not damaged. 

 MacKenzie Warren: Also had 6,500 people provide information on a sewer scandal to help,

Jeff Howe, coined the word crowdsourcing, of Wired Magazine: Many citizens were getting massively inflated rates. People have an incentive to search databases, with these pocketbook issues it was easier. What about pocketbook issues?

 MacKenzie: Sometimes it is successful what we want as a newspaper, sometimes it might be successful because it was what the audience wanted and is not as important.

Howe: Uses Mechanical Turk for transcription it is far cheaper.

Marymount: Always on the lookout for racist, homophobic stuff and purge it.

Carroll: Who are we reaching out for to add blogs. In Des Moines reaching our for experts in biofuels, not be information site for that materials.

 Marymount: The part of journalism we are committing is only getting better because we are enlisting the community. The journalism is getting better. We consider our newsroom a lab and we are always interesting in new ideas. Carroll says she wants to hear ideas and is here to get any new ones that might be available.

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