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Read Networked Journalism Summit Bloggers

What to see an aggregate of what is being said at the Network Journalism Summit, go here. The slug is NetJ at Technorati. 

Here is are some of the issues Jeff Jarvis says he sees overriding parts of the conversation at the panels so far: 

Power of print still important at many of the websites, need to work out financial support models, what are the cost of getting people to participate, ownership issues, facilitating and mobilizing the audience, quality and risk, and new skills that are needed. Of course, when Jarvis is finished moderating, look for his interpretation of what he heard. 


This session:  What’s next, what’s needed:

What is need to help you move to the next level?  

What can be done to scale this up?  

 Mark Potts: You have to find an advertising model that works.

 Debra Gallant: Access to faster technological help.

Jonathan Weber: Need new ways of marketing.

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