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Who Got It Right? On The Media or Witt & Rosen

Today NPR’s On the Media aired its report on citizen journalism and crowdsourcing via Jeff Jarvis’s Networked Journalism Summit, which I attended early this week. They got it mostly right, but reporter Bob Garfield got Jay Rosen in a Gotcha moment. Garfield’s reporting basically makes’s Assignment Zero sound like a complete a bust, a failure. Of course, we know it wasn’t; it did not go as expected, but the crowd, including me, conducted some 80 Q&As with the top experts in crowdsourcing.

So why did Rosen’s on the air comment seem to support Garfield’s assessment?   Rosen commenting at the On the Media website about Garfield, said:

.. he got the story–and facts–wrong, misreporting the sequence of what happened in Assignment Zero, probably because he had my part in the narrative all picked out before he did his interview with me.

Garfield asked me to start off by first telling his tape recorder what went right with Assignment Zero, and then what went wrong. Okay, I said

Then Rosen explains how he was caught in a reporting Gotcha moment, that in this case went bad. Want to get it right, go back in time to my interview: Tell Me Jay Rosen, Did Your Experiment Work? Also on the Garfield thing, I think Rosen is is still in his wind-up mode, the real hardball, mitt smacking moment is yet to come.

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