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Watch the Future of Education in Just One Hour

A couple of days ago I pointed people interested in Citizen Media to a Dr. Michael Wesch video, now here is another for anyone who wants to see the future of education. Find out why in a class of 200 students half say they hate going to college, but all love to learn and then how to fix it so they love to learn in classes.

If you have an hour, take the time to watch Presentation: A Portal to Media Literacy. It is the future.

2 Responses to “Watch the Future of Education in Just One Hour”

  1. links for 2008-09-03 Says:

    [...] A Portal to Media Literacy Michael Wesch talks about the future of education. (tags: education medialiteracy michaelwesch) Links Subscribe to RSS feed [...]

  2. Mark Hamilton Says:

    Thanks, Len. That’s an amazing presentation and it came as I was trying to get my head around a new class I start teaching next week. Suddenly I have a whole bunch more options, and I feels like I’ve been given “permission” to cut loose.