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Citizen Journalist Witnesses History Being Made, Ignores It

So okay here is the problem with citizen journalism, way back in June 2008 my wife and I went to Unity, New Hampshire for the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Unity rally. We had nice seats, and I shot some fun video which I was going to post and maybe share with OfftheBus, but afterward I headed to a conference in Massachusetts and my video and photographs got left in my computer never to be shared with the world. You see, when you don’t get paid you might or might not meet self-imposed deadlines.

So any how, now that Hillary and Barak are making nice and she probably will become Secretary of State I can share my Unity experience with the world — and, I might add, deprive myself of much needed sleep to put this video package together. And so what if I missed a deadline by about five months; after all, this is free unpaid labor, so live with it.

4 Responses to “Citizen Journalist Witnesses History Being Made, Ignores It”

  1. Aine Says:

    “free unpaided labor”???

    Maybe you should join Newsvine and earn 90% of the ad revenue on your column there, I’m sure the $4/mo. or so could buy you a spellchecker or something. ;)

  2. griftdrift Says:


    Are you kidding me?

    You know the reasons I have deadlines and have never missed one?

    1. Immediacy. One the advantages of my publishing medium is I am the sole editor. As soon as I have a story, I hustle my butt to the nearest WiFi and file. Which leads to…

    2. Pride. This immediacy means I can file a story with equal quality faster than a traditional media reporter every single time.

    Len, you didn’t miss that deadline because the consequences of failure was an effect on your employment. You missed it because you chose different priorities.

    To each his own. But let’s not pretend that people won’t meet deadlines if they aren’t paid. People do it every day.

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  4. Suzanne Yada Says:

    Hi Leonard! Two bits of feedback:

    1) I would turn down the soundtrack when the crowd starts clapping and chanting. I would rather hear the crowd than the (in my opinion cheesy) music.

    2) Please oh please oh please spell “Barack” correctly! In the video and in this blog post. PLEASE!