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Birmingham News Posts Lost Civil Rights Photos

The Birmingham (Alabama) News has a must-see multimedia website with photos never shown from the Civil Rights era.

This from the News’ story about the photos:

The hundreds of photos from that era were lost, sold, stolen or stored in archives. Some of those pictures appear today for the first time in the newspaper, in an eight-page special section titled “Unseen. Unforgotten.”

The section is the result of research by Alexander Cohn, a 30-year-old former photo intern at The News. In November 2004, Cohn went through an equipment closet at the newspaper in search of a lens and saw a cardboard box full of negatives marked, “Keep. Do Not Sell.”

It adds:

With the cooperation of The News, Cohn interviewed dozens of photographers, clergymen, elected officials, civil rights movement participants, historians and other witnesses to the events. More than 30 photos appear in today’s special section, and dozens more are available on the newspaper’s Web site at

Why weren’t more of the photos published 40 or 50 years ago?

“It was difficult for people to see,” said Horace Huntley, director of oral history at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and professor of history at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “People were embarrassed by it. The city fathers were embarrassed by it.”

After looking at the Birmingham News be sure to visit the Montgomery Advertiser which takes a historical look at the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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