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Murdoch’s News Corp. Fully Buying into New Media

Not long ago Rupert Murdoch warned news executives that they cannot idly standby in this new digital media era. He is certainly taking his own advice. The Hollywood writes in part:

This far-reaching, proactive strategy for mining and testing the new media was broadly outlined by Fox Interactive media executives in a UBS media conference in December. A social network of a leading 70 million unique Internet users of all of News Corp.’s Web sites (55 million alone from MySpace) is the driving force behind everything News Corp. does. It has launched “24″ mobisodes and other TV-based product for Fox Mobile, it is driving its newly acquired IGN Entertainment Channels, e-commerce and media players, it is driving the international expansion of MySpace, and now it is revitalizing the static broadcast platform with My Network TV — all by deepening its entertainment, news and sports content and selling all forms of advertising against its broad digital user base.

The lengthy article adds:

The bottom line on all of this is that News Corp. is chasing the younger demographics into the new-media age in a way that it can follow them wherever they go…

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